The Cornish Audio-Visual Archive CharterChartour An Govskrifva Klewwelyek Kernow

We hope that all the individuals and organisations who hold, collect, create with and care for Cornish audio-visual (AV) archives will join us in making this commitment towards a cohesive, collective approach to making the treasure that is our audio-visual archive secure for the future and accessible to One and All.

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Charter item icon CollaborationKesoberyans

  • Co-design a strategy for a secure, robust and accessible Cornish National Audio Visual Archive.
  • Work inclusively with communities who are stakeholders of our AV archives.
  • Aim for the highest levels of accessibility, from accessible digital and physical spaces to creative commons licensing.

Charter item icon PreservationGwithyans

  • Uphold the highest possible preservation standards even if this means letting another organisation take care of our physical AV media.
  • Instigate and integrate metadata and digital objects interoperability standards to future-proof our collections.
  • Work together to provide a single point of access for people who want to deposit AV materials.

Charter item icon CommunicationKeskomunyans

  • Share information, guidance, best practices and processes with others working with AV archives.
  • Maintain links and references between AV archives and contextual non-AV media artefacts and documentation.
  • Celebrate improvements rather than striving for perfection!
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We hope that you will join the individuals and organisations that are pledging their commitment to start applying these principles in their working practice.

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